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Вики-конференция 2007 (обсуждение)
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Information Letter[править вики-текст]

Overview[править вики-текст]

  • The Wiki-Conference held in St. Petersburg on October 27-28, 2007 is the first Russian Wikipedia conference (http://ru.wikipedia.org)
  • Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia created by the joint efforts of many thousands of volunteers. On September 4th, the Russian Wikipedia reached 200,000 articles and it continues to grow rapidly.
  • We invite you to take part in the preparation and holding of the conference, to give presentations, and with institutional support.

The Wiki-Conference needs your help[править вики-текст]

  • We need places for plenary meetings and discussions.
  • We need equipment for presentations and discussions (laptops, projectors, screens, dictaphones, etc.).
  • We should publish a compendium of writings and other materials from the conference.
  • Participants need something to eat (coffee breaks, lunch, buffet).
  •  ???Placing Not parties.
  • Office expenses.
  • Cultural events, etc.

Means of participation[править вики-текст]

  • Call for papers: Submit proposals for papers and presentations to Alexander Kondratiev (Александру Кондратьеву) at ancondratyev (at) peterlink.ru.
  • Volunteers are needed at the conference.
  • You can provide financial aid using the services in Yandex. Money and the Web, at the mailing address or to the current account.
  • You can provide accommodation, food, equipment, etc.
  • Help us to disseminate information about the conference to the media.

Acknowledgements[править вики-текст]

Wikipedia is built by volunteers. The resulting encyclopedia (and dictionary, and ...) is free for everyone to use, without further compensation, according to the GFDL license. The website does not rely on advertising, but is supported through donations.

To participate in the first conference of the Russian-speaking section of Wikipedia itself is a very prestigious affair. В то же время, Википедия, как мощный информационный ресурс может Вас отблагодарить своеобразными способами: At the same time, Wikipedia, as a powerful information resource you can thank peculiar ways:

  • Благодарности в статье о первой Викиконференции. Thanks for the article on the first Vikikonferentsii.
  • Упоминания и благодарности во время проведения конференции. References and gratitude at the conference.
  • Размещение Ваших логотипов на материалах конференции. Placing your logo on the conference materials.
  • Создание статьи о компании в Википедии (если она еще не написана). Creating article about Wikipedia (if not already written).
  • Включение рекламных материалов в информационный пакет конференции. Inclusion of advertisements in the information package Conference.

Organizing Committee[править вики-текст]

More information in Russian about the Wiki-Conference[править вики-текст]