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Joy Way
JoyWay Logo
Расположение Moscow, Russia
Отрасль Video games


Time Hacker
Сайт joyway.games

Joy Way — VR Games Development Company based in Russia, Moscow.

History[править | править код]

Joy Way, previously PlatformaVR, was founded in August, 2017 as a VR game development company that specialized in free-roaming gameplay for purpose-built facilities around the world. Early titles included The Poisoner, The Arrival, and Match. Company also created VR games for slot machines.

In 2019 company began delving into the home consumer market by releasing titles like Wave Circles and Mace and Grace.

On January 23, 2020, the company changed name to Joy Way and focusing entirely on the production of virtual reality games for home use on Steam, Oculus, and Playstation.

In early 2020, the studio announced 2 games, Step and Time Hacker (formerly Change Ranger).

On September 4, 2020, the studio released the game STRIDE in early access. The game received high ratings on the Steam platform.

In 2021, the studio plans to release a story campaign for the game STRIDE.

Games developed[править | править код]

Year Title Platform(s)
2019 The Poisoner Microsoft Windows
2019 MATCH Microsoft Windows
2019 Wave Circles Microsoft Windows
2020 Mace and Grace Microsoft Windows, Oculus
STRIDE Microsoft Windows, Oculus
Time Hacker

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