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Есть рукописный герб 1870 г.из матрикулы остзейского дворянства и портрет 19в.итальянского мастера. Не знаю как загрузить. Andrey Ungern-Sternberg 19:10, 1 марта 2016 (UTC)

For bid is a large, original circa 1855-1860 portrait of Prussian aristocrat Teodora Maria Wilhelmina von Ungern-Sternberg, a beautiful woman wearing Victorian era mourning jewelry and dressed in a black dress. This fabulous portrait is mounted on a large, oval wooden frame and was later attached to a 20 th Century gold-painted outer frame (this outer fame was definitely added about 100 years after the portrait was painted). This lady was the daughter of noted German Diplomat Christian Charles Josias von Bunsen (1791-1860) and his wife Francis “Fanny” von Bunsen (nee Waddington). Her father served for several years as an ambassador of Prussia to England and Switzerland when Theodora was young! Her mother was the eldest daughter of Benjamin Waddington, an English clergyman of Monmouthshire, Wales, England. Theodora of this portrait was born to the marriage on January 3 in either 1831 or 1832, in Rome, Italy. She married into the Baltic-German noble family “Ungern-Sternberg” as a young lady, marrying Johan Paul Fredrik August von Ungern-Sternberg (1817-1895). She was his only wife despite her early death. Theodora died in 1862 at age 29 or 30. She was the mother of seven children. She may have died in childbirth. I am not sure. This is a lovely oil on canvas portrait and it’s life-sized! This portrait is an important part of genealogy / family history from the joining of two important European families. The birth date of 1831 is painted on the back of the canvas, although a genealogical website gives the year as 1832. I am not sure which to believe. Both agree on her death date in 1862. The information was painted on the back of the canvas in German. The portrait was clearly painted by a master portrait painter. Unfortunately, I am unable to identify the artist. Theodora was a beautiful woman and her portrait shows a lovely lady looking directly at the painter. This amazing painting needs some minor restoration to a few chipped areas around the edges. I cannot discern any damage to the main figure of Ms. Ungern-Sternberg. Most of the areas are in the upper area of the oval, high above the subject. I suppose these can be restored with some care by an expert. Please let me know if you have any questions whatsoever. I will ship the item for $36.50 DOMESTIC California residents pay 8.75 percent sales tax on items shipped within California unless you have a resale license. Thanks for looking and happy bidding.

Andrey Ungern-Sternberg 23:21, 5 марта 2016 (UTC)