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// Dab Slover interface in Russian. See [[:en:User talk:Dispenser/Dab solver#Translating to danish]]

// Submitting a page, without changing the text
var NoChangesMsg    = 'Текст не изменён. Записать?'; // 'Text is unchanged, submit?';
// If user opens a dialog before it finishes loading
var NotLoadedTryAgain = "Вы слишком быстры! Сервер еще не ответил, кликните снова." // "You're too quick!  The server has yet to respond, click again.";
// User leave the tool without saving
// +Typically appears sandwiched between text on a Ok/Cancel dialog
var QuitWithoutSaving = Переход на другую страницу может привести к потере сделанных вами изменений. // "Navigating away will cause unsaved work to be losted";
// Disambiguation needed/"I don't know" tag (blank to remove)
var dn_template = "{{dn}}"; //In RuWiki Dn is redirect to template Ссылка на неоднозначность.
// Edit Summary
// When adding templates such {{dn}}
var RequestHelpMsg  = 'Нужна помощь: '; // 'Help needed: '
// Link which were removed or unlinked  //
var RemovedLinksMsg = 'Убраны ссылки: '; //Unlinked
// Links which were fixes
var SolvedLinksMsg  = 'Разрешена неоднозначность: '; //Disambiguated
// Number of links fixes, if above is too long
var SolvedCountMsg  = 'Исправлено неоднозначностей: $1'; // Disambiguated $1 links
// Summary feedback link when commonfixes is active
var UsingToolMsg    = ', используя [[tools:~dispenser/view/Dab_solver|Dab solver]]'; // using [[tools:~dispenser/view/Dab_solver|Dab solver]]
// Interface text
var TabRead     = "Смотреть"; // Read
var TabEdit     = "Править"; // Edit
var TabHistory  = "История"; // History
var TabClose    = "Закрыть"; // Close
var OptRedlinks = "Показать красные сслыки"; // Show redlinks
var OptForcelink= "Ссылка на страницу значений"; // Link to disambiguation page
var OptTaglink  = "Не знаю / Поставлен {{dn}}"; // "I don't know / Tag {{dn}}"
var OptUnlink   = "Убрать ссылку";  //Unlink
var OptReset    = "Отмена"; // Undo
// Server messages
// Database revision does not match page revision, usually caused by replication lag
OutOfSync = u'База данных устарела. См. <a href="http://toolserver.org/~bryan/stats/replag/">отставание репликации</a>.' // Alert the database is out of date.  See ... replication lag.
// Link was not found in text, usually due to replication lag
LinkNotInText = u'\03{lightred}ВНИМАНИЕ!\03{default}: [[%s]] не найден' // \03{lightred}WARNING\03{default}: [[%s]] not found'
// No links to disambiguated (maybe cause by the above message)
NoLinksInText = u"В викитексте не найдено ссылок на неоднозначности." // There were no disambiguation links found in the wikitext
// Link not included because its transcluded from a template
LinkTranscluded = u'Неоднозначность [[%s]] содержится в [[%s]].' // Disambiguation [[%s]] is transcluded from [[%s]]
// Text removed for brevity and compliance with the Toolserver rules
RemovedText = "%s\n<removed>%d строк скрыто (%d символов)</removed>\n%s" // %d lines hidden (%d characters)
// Rewrite templates link text to allow matching
ReplaceTemplates = [