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Hello, I am an American who has been trying to learn a little Russian. Since I've found there seem to be no sysops here with any noteworthy knowledge of Russian, though, I've taken it upon myself to volunteer for the task, and slowly put some standard Wikipedia pages together.

If you're interested, here's my English Wikipedia page, where I'm also a sysop, and have more information about myself and my interests.

I've started to work out how to use the Cyrillic keyboard layout for my system, so thankfully, I can at least type in Russian now, very slowly. My Russian is poor enough, however, that it may be a while before I feel confident to say anything about myself in Russian here. My apologies to those who don't know English (even if you won't understand them).

Wenn Sie Deutsch besser als Englisch wissen, könnten Sie mir auf Deutsch auch schreiben. Mein Deutsch ist sicher viel besser als mein Russisch.

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