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Mashukov Vasiliy


EDUCATION[править | править вики-текст]

2004 – to present day - post graduate school in Institute of Inorganic Chemistry.
Specialization: Inorganic Chemistry
Advisor: Dr. Gennadiy Alexandrovich Kostin
Thesis title: «Complexation and extraction of noble metal by calixarenes from chloride solution.»

1999-2004 – Novosibirsk State University.
Department of Natural Sciences
Specialization: Chemistry
Advisor: Dr. Gennadiy Alexandrovich Kostin
Diploma title: «Reduction of gold (III) to gold (I) by calix[4]arenes thioether»
Average mark of diploma 4,7

RESEARCH INTEREST[править | править вики-текст]

I am interested in the design, synthesis and application of new complexes of metal with calixarene.
My goal is to understand and discover interactions between inorganic complexes of noble metals with (bio)-macromolecules, applicable to adsorption, catalysis and molecular recognition.

Keyword: calixarene, supramolecular chemistry, molecular modeling, coordination chemistry, and solution chemistry.

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE[править | править вики-текст]

2002-2006 - Research officer in Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

My research programs are focused on the discovery and characterization of novel organometallic compounds based on grafted calixarene thioether macrocycles. The scientific field comprises investigation of complicated equilibria in solution, separation and recovery of noble metals by new generation of extractants as calixarenes. Our investigations cover spacious front of science. That includes physicochemical description of extraction and complexation equilibrium, kinetics of phase transfer, identification of metal forms in solution by spectral methods and in solid phase by X-ray analysis. Application of molecular modelling methods allows us to find the quantitative relationships “structure-properties” and will serve the purpose of the synthesis of new extractants with required properties. And finally the research includes application of new extraction technologies for efficient recovery of fission Ag and Pd from radioactive wastes.

AWARDS[править | править вики-текст]

2005 (December) – First degree diploma in conference of young sciences in Novosibirsk.
2005 (September) – Special scholarship (Nikolaev scholarship for outstanding post graduate student)
2004 (May) – First degree diploma in conference for students and young sciences in Moscow «Lomonosov 2004».

LANGUAGES[править | править вики-текст]

Russian (native)
English (read, speak)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION[править | править вики-текст]

1. Team worker
2. Diligency, accuracy, responsibility.
3. Extracurricular activities - Web design, flash-movie, football.