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Thadius Miller is a 21-year-old college student located in San Jose, California, USA. He is currently in my senior year of studies at San Jose State University where he carries a 3.11 GPA, working towards his Bachelors of Science in aviation, with an option in management and a minor in business. He has lived across much of Northern California and Nevada; plans are in the works for a move to Portland, Oregon in early 2009.

During his high school days, he attempted to avoid college altogether. Instead, he completed enough flight training to successfully pass the checkride for his Private Pilot License. Since money is tight these days between metropolitan rents, tuiton, books and other expenses, he only has 75 hours of actual flight time and 250 landings. While avoiding the universities ultimately failed, it sparked a life-long interest in aviation. After college graduation, he expects to take a desk job and push pencils until he can buy enough flight time outright to skip the flight instruction phase entirely. Ideally, he'd like to fly regional jets, limiting his time away from home.

With his work hours regularly fluctuating between 40-50 hours per week and 15-18 units of classes per semester, time to edit is difficult to come by. Outside of Wikipedia, he often spends his leisure time with with his fiancé, Manders, and his African Grey Parrot, Dusty. Other favorite pastimes include cooking, graphic design and simply lazing around.