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This template is a mirror of its German Wikipedia equivalent. It creates and displays uniform symbols (of pre defined values and colours) denoting public transport routes (rail, bus and ferry), including the German InterCity (IC) and InterCity Express (ICE) train routes.

Parameter Required field Description Standard value
1 yes train category (IC, ICE, FSX, RE, RB, NZ, S, U)
2 no number of the railway route
3 no can be used to display optional text
4 no in the case of S-Bahn or U-Bahn routes take a specified text colour black
5 no can take a specified background colour white
6 no can take a specified border colour black
7 no can take text that is displayed as a tool tip

Примеры[править код]

  • {{Bahnlinie|ICE}}ICE
  • {{Bahnlinie|IC|50|IC}}IC 50
  • {{Bahnlinie|RE|1}}RE 1
  • {{Bahnlinie|RB|40}}RB 40
  • {{Bahnlinie|RB||R 10|grey|white|black}}R 10
  • {{Bahnlinie|S|1||white|green|green}}S 1
  • {{Bahnlinie|U|1||black|yellow|black}}U 1