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Deram Records
Изображение логотипа
Основная информация
Основан 1966
Основатели Decca Records (UK)
Упразднён 1979
Жанр Рок, поп
Страна  Великобритания
Местонахождение Лондон

Deram Recordsбританский лейбл звукозаписи, основанный в 1966 как дочернее отделение британского лейбла Decca Records.

Лейбл Deram Records активно функционировал с момента своего основания до 1979 года, после которого занимался в основном переизданиями[1].

Дискография синглов[править | править код]

Знаком # отмечена позиция в британском чарте синглов (UK Singles Chart).

1966[править | править код]

Месяц Исполнитель Название Примечания
September 101 Beverley "Happy New Year"/"Where the Good Times Are"
102 Cat Stevens "I Love My Dog"/"Portobello Road" #28[2]
October 103 The Gibsons "Two Kinds of Lovers"/"Hey Girl"
104 Barry Mason "Over the Hills and Far Away"/"Collection of Recollections"
November 105 The Truth "Jingle Jangle"/"Hey Gyp"
106 The Eyes of Blue "Up and Down"/"Heart Trouble"
December 107 David Bowie "Rubber Band"/"The London Boys"
108 Chim Kothari "Sitar 'n' Spice"/"Indian Bat"
109 The Move "Night of Fear"/"Disturbance" #2[3]
110 Cat Stevens "Matthew and Son"/"Granny" #2[2]

1967[править | править код]

Месяц Исполнитель Название Примечания
January 111 The Pyramid "Summer of Last Year"/"Summer Evening"
February 112 Whistling Jack Smith "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman"/"The British Grin and Bear" #5[4]
113 West Coast Delegation "Reach the Top"/"Mister Personality"
114 The Eyes of Blue "Supermarket Full of Cans"/"Don't Ask Me To Mend Your Broken Heart"
March 115 Double Feature "Baby Get Your Head Screwed On"/"Come On Baby"
116 Sir Alec and His Boys "I'm a Believer"/"Green Green Grass of Home"
117 The Move "I Can Hear the Grass Grow"/"Wave the Flag and Stop the Train" #5[3]
118 Cat Stevens "I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun"/"School Is Out" #6[2]
119 The Gibsons "The Magic Book"/"You Know I Need Your Loving"
April 120 Warm Sounds "Birds and Bees"/"Doo Dah"
121 The Quik "Love Is a Beautiful Thing"/"Bert's Apple Crumble"
122 Denny Laine "Say You Don't Mind"/"Ask the People"
123 David Bowie "The Laughing Gnome"/"The Gospel According to Tony Day"
124 Mike Redway "Casino Royale"/"My Poem For You"
125 The Outer Limits "Just One More Chance"/"Help Me Please"
May 126 Procol Harum "A Whiter Shade of Pale"/"Lime Street Blues" #1[5]
127 The Wards of Court "All Night Girl"/"How Could You Say One Thing"
June 128 Les Reed Orchestra "Imogene"/"The Pay Off 28"
129 Whistling Jack Smith "Hey There Little Miss Mary"/"I Was Bizet's Carmen"
130 The Syn "Created By Clive"/"Grounded"
131 Honeybus "Delighted to See You"/"The Breaking Up Scene"
132 Robb and Dean Douglas "I Can Make It With You"/"'Phone Me"
133 Jon Gunn "I Just Made Up My Mind"/"Now It's My Turn"
July 134 Rubber Bootz "Joy Ride"/"Chicano"
135 David Bowie "Love You Till Tuesday"/"Did You Ever Have a Dream?"
136 Amen Corner "Gin House Blues"/"I Know" #12[6]
137 Beverley/D. Cordell Teatime Ensemble "Museum"/"A Quick One For Sanity"
138 Richard Kerr "Happy Birthday Blues"/"Mother's Blue-Eyed Angel"
139 The Quik "King of the World"/"My Girl"
140 Cat Stevens "A Bad Night"/"The Laughing Apple" #20[2]
August 142 The Flower Pot Men "Let's Go To San Francisco" (Part One)/(Part Two) #4[7]
143 Bill Fay "Some Good Advice"/"Screams in the Ears"
144 The Cuppa T "Miss Pinkerton"/"Brand New World"
September 141 Martin's Magic Sounds "Mon Amour, Mon Amour"/"Midem Melody"
145 The Syn "Flowerman"/"14 Hour Technicolour Dream"
146 The Virgin Sleep "Love"/"Halliford House"
147 John Street & The Inmates of Number 12 "Keep a Little Love"/"My Kind of Luck"
148 Robb & Dean Douglas "Rose Growing in the Ruins"/"Gentle People"
150 The 23rd Turnoff "Michael Angelo"/"Leave Me Here"
151 Amen Corner "The World of Broken Hearts"/"Nema" #26[6]
October 149 Danny Williams "Never My Love"/"Whose Little Girl Are You"
152 Honeybus "In Your Life"/"Throw My Love Away"
153 Timebox "Don't Make Promises"/"Walking Through the Streets of My Mind"
154 Sol Raye "While I'm Here"/"To Be With You"
155 The Quik "I Can't Sleep"/"Soul Full Of Sorrow"
November 157 Mike Redway "Don't Speak of Love"/"Sometimes I Remember"
158 Granny's Intentions "The Story of David"/"Sandy's On The Phone Again"
159 Johnny Howard Orchestra "Bonnie and Clyde"/"Flapper Patrol"
160 Flower Pot Men "A Walk In the Sky"/"Am I Losing You?"
161 The Moody Blues "Nights in White Satin"/"Cities" #19[8]
162 The Societie "Bird Has Flown"/"Breaking Down"
163 Danny Williams "Love Me"/"When You Were Mine"
December 156 Cat Stevens "Kitty"/"Blackness of the Night" #47[2]
164 Tintern Abbey "Beeside"/"Vacuum Cleaner"
165 Double Feature "Handbags and Gladrags"/"Just Another Lonely Night"
166 Jon Gunn "If You Wish It"/"I Don't Want To Get Hung Up On You Babe"
167 The Human Instinct "A Day In My Mind's Mind"/"Death of the Seaside"
168 не было
169 The Crocheted Doughnut Ring "Havana Anna"/"Happy Castle"
170 Les Reed Orchestra "Theme from Candice"/"The Last Waltz"

1968[править | править код]

Месяц Исполнитель Название Примечания
January 171 Denny Laine "Too Much In Love"/"Catherine's Wheel"
172 Amen Corner "Bend Me, Shape Me"/"Satisnek the Job's Worth" #3[6]
173 The Virgin Sleep "Secret"/"Comes a Time"
174 Warm Sounds "Nite Is A-Comin'"/"Smeta Murgaty"
February 175 Roberto Mann Singers "Monya"/"My World Is You"
176 Ten Years After "Portable People"/"The Sounds"
177 The Human Instinct "Renaissance Fair"/"Pink Dawn"
178 Cat Stevens "Lovely City"/"Image of Hell"
179 Whistling Jack Smith "Ja-da"/"Sans Fairy Anne"
March 180 The Crocheted Doughnut Ring "Maxine's Parlour"/"Get Out Your Rock and Roll Shoes"
181 Bernie & The Buzz Band "Don't Knock It"/"When Something Is Wrong With My Baby"
182 Honeybus "I Can't Let Maggie Go"/"Tender Are The Ashes" #8[9]
April 183 The Flower Pot Men "Man Without A Woman"/"You Can Never Be Wrong"
184 Granny's Intentions "Julie Don't Love Me Anymore"/"One Time Lovers"
185 The Cuppa T "Streatham Hippodrome"/"One Man Band"
May 186 Focal Point "Love You Forever"/"Sycamore Sid"
187 World of Oz "The Muffin Man"/"Peter's Birthday"
190 Cats Eyes "Smile Girl For Me"/"In A Fantasy World"
191 не было
192 Tony Osborne & His Three Brass Buttons "Sunspot"/"Cornflake"
193 Roberto Mann & His Orchestra "Wonderful One"/"Moon Love"
194 Timebox "Beggin'"/"A Woman That's Waiting" #38[10]
June 188 Giles, Giles and Fripp "Once In a Million"/"Newly Weds"
189 Whistling Jack Smith "Only When I Larf"/"Early One Morning"
195 The Flirtations "Someone Out There"/"How Can You Tell Me?"
196 The Moody Blues "Voices in the Sky"/"Dr. Livingstone, I Presume" #27[8]
July 197 Amen Corner "High in the Sky"/"Run Run Run" #6[6]
198 Friends "Piccolo Man"/"Mythological Sunday"
199 Danny Williams "Everybody Needs Somebody"/"They Will Never Understand"
200 Roberto Mann & His Orchestra "Love Theme From Witchfinder General"/"Both Sides Now"
202 Clyde McPhatter "Only A Fool"/"Thank You Love"
August 201 The Web "Hatton Mill Morning"/"Conscience"
203 London Balalaika Ensemble "Калинка"/"Remember, Remember"
204 Roberto Mann Strings "Are You Lonesome Tonight?"/"Never Goodbye"
205 World of Oz "King Croesus"/"Jack"
206 "The Hawaiians" "Tea For Two"/"A Taste Of Honey"
September 207 Honeybus "Girl of Independent Means"/"How Long"
208 The Anvil Flutes and Capricorn Voices "April Showers"/"Jolie Gendarme"
October 209 Cats Eyes "I Thank You Marianne"/"Turn Around"
210 Giles, Giles and Fripp "Thursday Morning"/"Elephant Song"
211 Cat Stevens "Here Comes My Wife"/"It's a Super (Dupa) Life"
212 Lionel Bart "Isn't This Where We Came In?"/"May A Man Be Merry?"
213 The Moody Blues "Ride My See-Saw"/"A Simple Game" #42[8]
214 Granny's Intentions "Never An Everyday Thing"/"Hilda the Bilda"
November 215 The Doughnut Ring "Dance Around Julie"/"The Bandit"
216 The Flirtations "Nothing But A Heartache"/"Christmas Time Is Here Again"
217 The Web with John L. Watson "Baby Won't You Leave Me Alone"/"McVernon Street"
218 Roberto Mann Orchestra with Chorus "Moonlight Clair de Lune"/"Snow In Autumn"
219 Timebox "Girl Don't Make Me Wait"/"Gone Is The Sad Man"
220 Curiosity Shoppe "Baby I Need You"/"So Sad"
221 Ten Years After "Hear Me Calling"/"I'm Going Home"

1969[править | править код]

Месяц Исполнитель Название Примечания
January 222 Wayne Faro & His Schmaltz Band "There's Still Time"/"Give It Time"
223 Clyde McPhatter "Baby, You've Got It"/"Baby I could Be So Good at Loving You"
224 John Surman "Obeah Wedding"/"Don't Stop the Carnival"
225 Neil McArthur "She's Not There"/"World of Glass" #34[11]
226 The Youth "Meadow of My Love"/"Love Me or Leave Me"
227 Denny Laine "Say You Don't Mind"/"Ask the People"
228 Amen Corner "The World of Broken Hearts"/"Gin House Blues"
229 не было
230 Roberto Mann Orchestra & Chorus "Albatross"/"My Magic Dream"
February 231 U.K. Jones "Let Me Tell Ya"/"And The Rains Came Down"
232 Grisby Dyke "The Adventures of Miss Rosemary La Page"/"Mary Ann She"
233 World of Oz "Willow's Harp"/"Like a Tear"
234 Mike Westbrook "A Life Of Its Own"/"Can't Get It Out Of My Mind"
235 Donnie Elbert "Without You"/"Baby Please Come Home"
236 Raymonde's Magic Organ "Yellow Submarine"/"Winchester Cathedral"
237 "Blue"/"Brown Eyes"
238 "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone"/"You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby"
239 "Oh! Johnny, Oh! Johnny, Oh!"/"Heartaches"
240 "Cry"/"Tennessee Waltz"
241 "These Boots Are Made For Walking"/"Green Green Grass of Home"
March 242 East of Eden "Northern Hemisphere"/"Communion"
243 Touch "Miss Teach"/"We Feel Fine"
244 Les Reed/Les Reed Orchestra "Don't Linger With Your Finger On The Trigger"/"Big Drum"
245 Kenny Everett "Nice Time"/"And Now For A Little Train Number"
246 Timebox "Baked Jam Roll In Your Eye"/"Poor Little Heartbreaker"
248 The Flower Pot Men "In A Moment Of Madness"/"Young Birds Fly"
April 247 The Moody Blues "Never Comes The Day"/"So Deep Within You"
249 Roberto Mann Orchestra & Chorus "Theme From The Film Baby Love"/"Serenade To Summer"
250 Keef Hartley "Leave It 'Til The Morning"/"Just To Cry"
251 Cats Eyes "Where Is She Now?"/"Tom Drum"
252 The Flirtations "What's Good About Goodbye My Love?"/"Once I Had A Love"
May 253 The Web "Monday To Friday"/"Harold Dubbleyew"
254 Honeybus "She Sold Blackpool Rock"/"Would You Believe"
255 не было
256 John Cameron Quartet "Trouble Maker"/"Off Centre"
June 257 The Shepperton Flames "Take Me For What I Am"/"Goodbye"
258 The March Hare "Have We Got News For You"/"I Could Make It There With You"
259 The Alan Bown Set "Still As Stone"/"Wrong Idea"
260 Cat Stevens "Where Are You"/"The View From The Top"
261 Tam White "That Old Sweet Roll"/"Don't Make Promises"
262 Neil MacArthur "Don't Try To Explain"/"Without Her"
263 Alan Price "The Trimdon Grange Explosion"/"Falling In Love Again"
264 The Fantastics "Face To Face With Heartache"/"This Must Be My Rainy Day"
July 265 R.J. Hightower "God Is Love"/"Sister Mimi"
266 Johnny Almond Music Machine "Solar Level"/"To R.K."
August 268 Love Children "Easy Squeezy"/"Every Little Step"
269 Egg "Seven Is a Jolly Good Time"/"You Are All Princes"
September 267 Garden Odyssey Enterprise "Sad And Lonely"/"Sky Pilot"
270 Bulldog Breed "Portcullis Gate"/"Halo In My Hair"
272 The Incrowd "Where In The World"/"I Can Make Love To You"
October 271 Timebox "Yellow Van"/"You've Got The Chance"
273 The Keef Hartley Band "Waiting Around"/"Not Foolish, Not Wise"
274 Margo "The Spark That Lights The Flame"/"Left Over Love"
275 Neil MacArthur "It's Not Easy"/"12.29"
276 Brotherhood of Man "Love One Another"/"A Little Bit Of Heaven"
277 Kelly "Mary Mary"/"Reverend Richard Bailey"
278 The Alan Bown Set "Gypsy Girl"/"All I Can"
November 279 Kathe Green "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind"/"Primrose Hill"

1970[править | править код]

Месяц Исполнитель Название Примечания
January 280 White Plains "My Baby Loves Lovin'"/"Show Me Your Hand" #9[12]
281 The Flirtations "Keep On Searching"/"Moma I'm Coming Home"
282 Music Motor "Happy"/"Where Am I Going?"
283 The Fantastics "Waiting Round For Heartaches"/"Ask The Lonely"
284 Brotherhood of Man "United We Stand"/"Say a Prayer" #10[13]
February 285 John L. Watson "A Mother's Love"/"Might As Well Be Gone"
286 Mike Westbrook Concert Band "Hooray"/"Requiem"
287 The Naked Truth "Two Little Rooms"/"Rag Doll Boy"
288 Frijid Pink "The House of the Rising Sun"/"Drivin' Blues" #4[14]
March 289 Honeybus "Story"/"The Night To Choose"
290 Bill Nile & His Goodtime Band "I Try Not To Laugh"/"Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen"
April 291 White Plains "I've Got You On My Mind"/"Today I Killed A Man I Didn't Know" #17[12]
292 Currant Kraze "Lady Pearl"/"Breaking The Heart Of A Good Man"
293 Granny's Intentions "Take Me Back"/"Maybe"
May 294 Columbus "E'vrybody Knows the U.S. Marshal"/"So Tired"
295 The Flirtations "Can't Stop Loving You"/"Everybody Needs Somebody"
296 Simon, Plug & Grimes "Is This A Dream"/"I'm Going Home"
297 East of Eden "Jig-a-Jig"/"Marcus Junior" #7[15]
June 298 Brotherhood of Man "Where Are You Going To My Love?"/"Living In The Land Of Love" #22
299 Ten Years After "Love Like A Man" (studio)/"Love Like A Man" (live) #10[16]
300 301 302 не было
303 Love Children "Paper Chase"/"My Turkey Snuffed It"
304 Pacific Drift "Water Woman"/"Yes You Do"
July 305 Pebbles "Stand Up And Be Counted"/"May In The Morning"
306 Galliard "I Wrapped Her In Ribbons"/"Hermit And The Knight"
307 Tontine "A Strange Way To Love"/"I Don't Look Back"
309 Frijid Pink "Sing A Song Of Freedom"/"End OF The Line"
310 Ten Years After "Love Like A Man" (studio)/"Love Like A Man" (live) Reissue of DMS 299
August 308 Walrus "Who Can I Trust?"/"Tomorrow Never Comes"
311 Mike Westbrook Concert Orchestra with Norma Winstone "Original Peter"/"Magic Garden"
312 White Plains "Lovin' You Baby"/"Noises In My Head"
313 Someone's Band "A Story"/"Give It To You"
October 314 Mucky Duck "Jefferson"/"Psycho's On The Run"
315 White Plains with Pete Nelson "Julie Do Ya Love Me"/"I Need Your Everlasting Love" #8[12]
November 316 Keef Hartley Band "Roundabout (Part 1)"/"Roundabout (Part 2)"
317 Brotherhood of Man "This Boy"/"You Can Depend On Me"
December 318 Sue and Sunny "Ain't That Tellin' You People"/"Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time"
319 Johnny Goodison "One Mistake"/"A Little Understanding"
320 Patricia Cahill "Little Altar Boy"/"Rain"
321 Frijid Pink "Heartbreak Hotel"/"By Bye Blues"

1971[править | править код]

Месяц Исполнитель Название Примечания
January 322 Brimstone "Keyhole Jake"/"The Monkey Song"
323 Walrus "Never Let My Body Touch The Ground"/"Why?"
February 324 Patricia Cahill "Colm Ban"/"Eighteen"
325 White Plains "Every Little Move She Makes"/"Carolina's Comin'"
326 не было
March 327 Brotherhood of Man "Reach Out Your Hand"/"A Better Tomorrow"
April 328 Sue and Sunny "Freedom"/"Break Up"
329 The Flirtations "Give Me Love"/"This Must Be The End Of The Line"
330 не было
331 Megaton "Out Of Your Own Little World"/"Niagara"
May 332 Frijid Pink "Music For The People"/"Sloony"
333 White Plains "When You Are A King"/"The World Gets Better With Love" #13[12]
334 The Fantastics "For Old Times Sake"/"Exodus Main Theme"
335 Brotherhood of Man "You And I"/"Sing In The Sunshine"
June 336 Frijid Pink "We're Gonna Be There (When Johnny Comes Marching Home)"/"Shorty Kline"
August 337 Miller Anderson "Bright City"/"Another Time, Another Place"
338 East Of Eden "Ramadhan"/"In The Snow For A Blow"/"Better Git It In Your Soul (Part III)"/"Have to Whack It Up"
339 Ultrafox "Nine By Nine"/"Stomping At Decca"
340 White Plains "Gonna Miss Her Mississippi"/"I'll Go Blind"
September 341 Brotherhood of Man "California Sunday Morning"/"Do Your Thing"
343 Grapefruit "Sha-Sha"/"Universal Party"
October 342 Vehicle "Hey Mr Organ Grinder"/"Cloudy Days"
344 Junior Campbell "Goodbye Baby Jane"/"If I Call Your Name"
November 345 Haffy's Whiskey Sour "Shot In The Head"/"By Bye Bluebird"
346 People "In Ancient Times"/"Glastonbury"
December 347 Frijid Pink "Lost Son"/"I Love Her"

1972[править | править код]

Месяц Исполнитель Название Примечания
January 348 White Plains "I Can't Stop"/"Julie Anne"
349 Arthur Greenslade "Flirt"/"Rainy Day Love"
351 The Flirtations "Need Your Loving"/"I Wanna Be There"
February 350 Jake "And In The Morning"/"You And Me"
352 Lazy Lingo "1st Door, 2nd Floor"/"Race Against Time"
March 353 Laurie Dryden "The Spirit Of Joe Hill"/"Half Of Me"
354 Matthew's Revelation "Jesus Come Back"/"He Will Come Again"
355 Sue and Sunny "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"/"High On The Thought Of You"
357 Mellow Candle "Dan The Wing"/"Silversong"
April 356 The Clan "Pretty Belinda"/"Ode To Karen"
358 Jerusalem "Kamikazi Moth"/"Frustration"
July 359 Hollywood Freeway "I've Been Moved"/"Cool Calamares"
August 360 Colin Areety "Poco Joe"/"To Give All Your Love Away"
361 Brotherhood of Man "Say A Prayer"/"Follow Me"
September 362 Socrates "Eatin' Momma's Cookin'"/"Dearest Agnes"
363 Limelight "Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me"/"I'll See You On Sunday"
364 Junior Campbell "Hallelujah Freedom"/"Alright With Me" #10[17]
October 365 White Plains "Dad You Saved The World"/"Beachcomber"
366 Brotherhood of Man "Rock Me Baby"/"Hang On" не издано
367 Hoagy Pogey "Don't Ya Know"/"Why Don't You Go Away"
368 Pussy "Feline Woman"/"Ska Child"
369 не было

1973[править | править код]

Месяц Исполнитель Название Примечания
January 370 Colin Areety "Holy Cow"/"I Can't Do It For You"
371 White Plains "Step Into A Dream"/"Look To See" #21[12]
372 Torry Canyon "I Believe In Music"/"Getting Better All The Time"
February 373 Lee Sheriden "Sweetest Tasting Candy Sugar"/"Big Louis' Gun"
374 Hoagy Pogey "Falling In Love With You-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo"/"Nothing Better"
375 Rococo "Ultrastar"/"Wildfire"
March 376 Streak "Bang Bang Bullet"/"Black Jack Man"
377 Chris Youlden "Nowhere Road"/"Standing On The Corner"
378 Wolf "Wolf"/"Spring Fever"
379 Hemlock "Mr. Horizontal"/"Beggar Man"
380 Keef Hartley Band "Dance To The Music"/"You And Me"
381 Chicken Shack "As Time Goes Passing By"/"Poor Boy"
April 382 Boss "Mony Mony"/"Live Together"
383 Colin Areety "I Don't Want To Be Right"/"One Night Affair"
384 Fresh Meat "Never Mind The Money"/"Candy Eyes"
385 Brotherhood of Man "Happy Ever After"/"We Can Make It"
386 Stavely Makepeace "Cajun Band"/"Memories Of Your Love"
387 Junior Campbell "Sweet Illusion"/"Ode To Karen" #15[17]
389 Hoagy Pogey "Wedding Of The Year"/"Wham Zam"
May 388 White Plains "Does Anybody Know Where My Baby Is"/"Just For A Change"
390 Howard Lee "Love Coming My Way"/"Show Me Freedom"
June 391 Principal Edwards "Captain Lifeboy"/"Nothing"
392 Northeast "A Ticket For The Game"/"Jack The Lad"
July 393 Brotherhood of Man "Our World Of Love"/"Maybe The Morning"
394 Them "Baby, Please Don't Go"/"Gloria"
396 Chicken Shack "You Know You Could Be Right"/"The Loser"
August 395 Wolf "A Bunch Of Fives"/"Five In The Morning"
397 Big Foot "Lost In The Mountains"/"Double Standards"
398 Principal Edwards "Weekdaze"/"The Whizzmore Kid"
399 Kit Russell "Pepper's Last Stand"/"Shuffle Back"
September 400 Them "Here Comes The Night"/"All For Myself"
October 401 Wolf "Two Sisters"/"Go Down"
402 Keith West "Riding For A Fall"/"Days About To Rain"
403 Junior Campbell "Help Your Fellow Man"/"Pretty Belinda"
404 Brotherhood of Man "United We Stand"/"Follow Me"
November 405 White Plains "Julie Anne"/"Sunny Honey Girl"
406 Cat Stevens "I Love My Dog"/"Matthew and Son" Reissue of two 1966 tracks

1974[править | править код]

Месяц Исполнитель Название Примечания
February 407 Michael Chapman "The Banjo Song"/"Dumplings"
408 Iron Virgin "Jet"/"Midnight Hitcher"
409 Mike Hart "Son Son"/"Band News Man"
410 Keith West "Havin' Someone"/"Know There's No Livin' Without You"
March 411 Whistling Jack Smith "The Battle of Waterloo (Love Theme)"/"No Time For Punting"
April 412 Ferret "Hudson Bay"/"Henry's Song"
May 413 Robert E. Lee "One Man Band"/"Sunshine"
415 White Plains "Ecstasy"/"A Simple Man"
June 414 Junior Campbell "Sweet Lady Love"/"If I Could Believe You Darlin'"
416 Iron Virgin "Rebels Rule"/"Ain't No Clown"
July 417 Shy "Disney Girls"/"The Time That I Love You The Most"
September 418 Sweet Reason "Hundred Thousand Dollar"/"How I Wish You Needed Me"
419 Cameleon "Run May Run"/"I Go Bananas"
420 Vineyard "Charlemaine"/"Myla"
October 421 Junior Campbell "Ol' Virginia"/"Willie Sings The Blues"
422 Neil Harrison "Eyes In The Back of My Head"/"The Busker"
423 Staveley Makepeace "Runaround Sue"/"There's A Wall Between Us"
November 424 Beano "Candy Bean"/"Rock ad Roll Gonna Save My Soul"

1975[править | править код]

Месяц Исполнитель Название Примечания
February 425 Jimmy Scott "We All Need A Hero"/"Madeline"
March 426 Curved Air "Back Street Luv"/"It Happened Today"
April 427 Beano "Little Cinderella"/"Bye And Bye"

1977[править | править код]

Месяц Исполнитель Название Примечания
January 428 Justin Hayward "One Lonely Room"/"Songwriter"
April 429 "Country Girl"/"Doin' Time"
July 430 "Stage Door"/"Lay It On Me"

1979[править | править код]

Месяц Исполнитель Название Примечания
September 431 The Donkeys "What I Want"/"Four Letters"
November 432 Patrick D. Martin "I Like 'Lectric Motors"/"Time"

1980[править | править код]

Месяц Исполнитель Название Примечания
March 433 Patrick D. Martin "Luci 'Lectric"/"I Like 'Lectric Motors"/"Mutant"
May BUM 1 Splodgenessabounds "Simon Templar"/"Michael Booth's Talking Bum"/"Two Pints of Lager" #7[18]
July DET R 1 The Mo-dettes "Paint It Black"/"Bitta Truth" #42[19]
August ROLF 1 Splodgenessabounds "Two Little Boys"/"Horse"/"Sox"/"Butterfly" #26[18]
December 436 Jane Kennaway and Strange Behaviour "IOU"/"Take Me Away" #65[20]

1981 — 1990[править | править код]

Месяц/Year Исполнитель Название Примечания
March 1981 437 B-Movie "Remembrance Day"/"Institution Walls" #61[21]
April 1981 DMDJ 440 The Flatbackers "Serenade Of Love"/"Try A Little Harder" promo only
July 1981 444 Jane Kennaway "Year 2000"/"On 84th Street"
April 1982 NANA 1 Bananarama & Fun Boy Three "Really Saying Something"/"Give US Back Our Cheap Fares" #5[22]
November 1990 KINKY 1 Patrick MacNee & Honor Blackman "Kinky Boots"/"Let's Keep It Friendly" #5[23]
1996 INFLDJ 1 Pete Moore/Roland Shaw & His Orchestra "Catwalk"/"Let The Love Come Through" promo only

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