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Dream - a special kind of imagination, a wish, the execution of which often promises happiness. [1] It may be just the desire, for whatever reasons, are not made at the time of their occurrence, but people still want them to become a reality (for example, such a dream may be willing to go to any place - it does not make happy person until the end his days, but he will remember and talk about it as an event for a long time one of the most pleasant moments in any period of his life). And it may be unrealistic desires as to achieve immortality and desires that can come true in special circumstances (such as the power over the whole universe, the formation of a very strong mission to Mars, and so on. N.)

The image of the dream [edit | edit wiki text] The image formed dream usually has the following features:

the desired specificity (many of the details and particular); weak expression of specific ways to implement; emotional intensity of the image; Connect dreams with a certain sense of confidence in its feasibility; inspirational image [2]. Notes [edit | edit wiki text] ↑ The dream is also an ideological clichés used in promoting, for example "dream of freedom", "the dream of a brighter future" ↑ The dream, as a special kind of imagination