Лепидозавроморфы: различия между версиями

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'''Lepidosauromorpha''' — инфракласс пресмыкающихся класса [[диапсиды|диапсид]]. Включает в себя один современный надотряд — [[Lepidosauria]] (современные [[ящерицы]], [[змеи]] и [[туатарагаттерия]]( туатара). Вымершие лепидозауроморфы возможно включают в себя [[плезиозавр]]ов<ref>{{cite web|url=http://si-pddr.si.edu/jspui/bitstream/10088/6458/1/Gauthier_1988.pdf|title=A Phylogenetic Analysis of Lepidosauromorpha|author=Jacques Gauthier, Richard Estes, and Kevin de Queiroz|date=|work=|publisher=|accessdate=2012-05-20|lang=en}}</ref>.
Lepidosauromorpha are distinguishable from Archosauromorphs ([[archosaurs]]) by their primitive sprawling gait, which allows for the same sinusoidal trunk and tail movement seen in fish, the sliding "joint" between the coracoids and the sternum (for a longer stride), and their pleurodont dentition. In contrast, Archosauromorphs possess a parasagittal gait, a reduction in their dermal girdle, a reduction and/or loss of the sternum, and a more thecodont dentition.
It is also important to note that, because Lepidosauromorphs are sprawlers, they require less energy to maintain their stance and are thus allowed to remain cold-blooded.