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| id="52" |1987
|[[Файл:Crystal Clear app kuser.png|110px]]
| id="54" | [[Файл:Nobel prize medal.svg|18px|link=Нобелевская премия]] [[Медавар, Питер Брайан|Питер Медавар]]
| id="57" | «for the contribution his books had made in presenting to the public, and to scientists themselves, the intellectual nature and the essential humanity of pursuing science at the highest level and the part it played in our modern culture»
| align="center" id="59" |<ref name="biologist">{{cite book |year = 1987|title = The Biologist|publisher = [[Bowling Green State University]]|edition = 35}}</ref>
| id="92" |1991
|[[Файл:George Porter Nobel.jpg|110px]]
| id="94" | [[Файл:Nobel prize medal.svg|18px|link=Нобелевская премия]] [[Портер, Джордж]]
| id="97" | «in recognition of his outstanding contribution to improving the public understanding of science through his many public lectures and broadcasts, his directorship of the Royal Institution and presidencies of the Royal Society and British Association and his seminal role in the establishment and leadership of COPUS»
| align="center" id="100" |<ref>{{cite news |title = Prof Lord Porter of Luddenham, OM|url = http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/1405983/Prof-Lord-Porter-of-Luddenham-OM.html|work = [[The Daily Telegraph|The Telegraph]]|date = 1 September 2002|accessdate = 16 March 2009}}</ref>
| id="198" |2001
|[[Файл:Crystal Clear app kuser.png|110px]]
| id="200" | [[Файл:Nobel prize medal.svg|18px|link=Нобелевская премия]] [[Крото, Харольд]]
| id="203" | «for his dedication to the notion of working scientists being communicators of their work and in particular for his establishment of the Vega Science Trust whose films and related activities reflect the excitement of scientific discovery to the public»
| align="center" id="205" |<ref>{{cite news |title = Nobel Prize Winner Sir Harold W. Kroto Joins NaturalNano's Scientific Advisory Board; Nobel Laureate's Discovery Helped Launch the Field of Nanotechnology|url = http://www.accessmylibrary.com/coms2/summary_0286-28914046_ITM|format = Fee required|publisher = M2 Presswire|date = 14 December 2006|accessdate = 17 March 2009}}</ref>
| id="290" |2010
|[[Файл:Launch of IYA 2009, Paris - Grygar, Bell Burnell cropped.jpg|110px]]
| id="292" | {{s|[[Бернелл, Джоселин Белл]]}}
| id="295" |on ''The end of the world in 2012? Science communication and science scares''
| align="center" id="298" |<ref name="The Royal Society" />