Бойня у Радонича: различия между версиями

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== Предыстория ==
{{Location map | Kosovo
| width = 200
| float = right
| caption = LocationМестонахождения ofозера Lake Radonjić in KosovoРадонич
| alt = Map of Kosovo with mark showing location of Lake Radonjić
| lat_deg = 42.4906
| lon_deg = 20.4167
In 1990, Kosovo's autonomy within [[Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia|Yugoslavia]] was revoked.{{sfn|Bethlehem|Weller|1997|p=xxii}} Soon after, the [[Kosovo Liberation Army]] (KLA) was formed to fight the Yugoslav establishment.<ref>"Unknown Albanian 'liberation army' claims attacks", Agence France Presse, February 17, 1996</ref> After a string of minor attacks, the KLA's mission became much more aggressive,<ref name="hlc-rdc.org">http://www.hlc-rdc.org/?p=13091</ref> which led to them claiming areas that were key to Serbia's fuel-supply, near the town of [[Orahovac]]. Years of ethnic tension had preceded the Kosovo War, and spilled into numerous atrocities on both sides.