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C&C Prize (яп. C&C賞) — награда, вручаемая японской корпорацией NEC «за выдающиеся достижения в исследовании, разработке или пионерской работе в областях полупроводников, компьютеров, телекоммуникаций и связанных с ними технологий». Награда включает в себя сертификат, почетный значок, денежный приз в 10 миллионов йен на каждую номинацию (группу учёных). Присуждается ежегодно с 1985 года[1]. Награду получили пять лауреатов Нобелевской премии.

Лауреаты[править | править вики-текст]

Год Лауреат Обоснование награды
1985 Hideo Yamashita[ja]
Hiroshi Wada
«For Contribution to the Development of Computer Technology and the Fostering of Computer Industry in Japan in its Pioneer Days»
Lawrence A. Hyland[en]
National Medal of Technology and Innovation.jpg Розен, Хэролд
«For Contribution to the Invention and Realization of Geostationary Communications Satellites»
National Medal of Technology and Innovation.jpg Joseph V. Charyk[en]
Sidney Metzger
«For Leadership in Creation and Development of International Satellite Communications and the Advancement of Satellite Communication Technology»
1986 Jerome Wiesner[en] «For Contributing to the Development, Growth and Establishment of the Field of Computer Science and Media Technology»
Премия Киото Izuo Hayashi[en]
Премия Киото Morton B. Panish[en]
«For Conception and Development of the First Room-temperature Continuous-wave Semiconductor Injection Laser with Double Heterostructure»
1987 IEEE Bell medal scan -front -NO COPYRIGHT APPLIES-.jpg Hiroshi Inose[en] «For Innovative Contributions to the Establishment of Basic Technologies Widely for Digital Communication Network by Invention of Time Slot Interchange Switching Systems and Development of Mutual Synchronization Systems»
Нобелевская премия по физике — 2009 Премия Японии — 1996 Као, Чарльз «For Pioneering Contributions to the Realization of Optical Fiber Communications as the First to point out Theoretically the Feasibility and Significance of Low-loss Glass Fiber»
1988 Turing Plaque.jpg Уилкс, Морис Винсент «For Pioneering Contributions on Progress of Computer Industry by Successful Development of the World First Practical Stored-Program Electronic Computer, EDSAC»
National Medal of Technology and Innovation.jpg John S. Mayo[en]
IEEE Bell medal scan -front -NO COPYRIGHT APPLIES-.jpg Eric E. Sumner[en]
IEEE Bell medal scan -front -NO COPYRIGHT APPLIES-.jpg M. Robert Aaron[en]
«For Pioneering Contributions to the Establishment of a Basic Technology for Digital Communications by Development of the World First Practical Commercial High-speed Digital Communication System, T-1»
1989 Noboru Takagi[ja]
Shigebumi Saito
Tamiya Nomura
«For Leadership in Development and Successful Execution on a Series of Scientific Satellites in Japan»
Turing Plaque.jpg Ритчи, Деннис
Turing Plaque.jpg Томпсон, Кен
«For Innovative Contribution on Development of the New Era of Computer Industry by Creation of UNIX and C-Language, a Computer Operating System which permits the Sharing of Software across Machines of virtually all Types and Sizes»
1990 Национальная научная медаль США — 1991 Премия Киото Хейлмейер, Джордж «For Pioneering Contributions to the Fundamental Discoveries of Electro- optic Effects in Liquid Crystals and the Creation of Display Devices as its Application»
Takuro Muratani
Yasuhiko Ito
«For Contribution to the Planning on the Satellite Orbit and Frequency Spectrum at the International Telecommunication Union by Developing ORBIT-I and -II Programs for Optimum Use of the Geostationary- Satellite Orbit»
1991 Yasuo Tarui
Hiroo Toyoda
«For Leadership in the Technological Development of Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits and the Fostering of VLSI Industry in Japan in its Pioneer Days»
Jack M. Sipress[en] «For Leadership in the Development of High Speed Digital Fiberguide Systems that span the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, thereby giving Global Digital Connectivity over High Capacity Cables»
1992 Toshiyuki Sakai[ja] «For Pioneering Contributions to the Development of the Fundamentals of Communications and Information Processing Technology Based on Fore- sighted Research on Human-Machine-Interface Technologies Using Speech and Character Recognition, Image Processing and Language Understanding Methods, and their Integration to Computer Networks»
IEEE Bell medal scan -front -NO COPYRIGHT APPLIES-.jpg Eberhardt Rechtin[en]
Walter K. Victor
Национальная научная медаль США — 2008 Эндрю Витерби
«For Fundamental Contributions to the Architecture and Design of the Deep Space Digital Communication Systems which Enabled the Spectacular Success of the Exploration of the Outer Planets by the Satellites “VOYAGER I and II” and the Exploration of Venus by the Satellite “MAGELLAN”»
1993 Премия Японии — 2010 Logo awards.jpg Шуничи Ивасаки[de] «For Contributions to the Progress in High-Density and High-Quality Mag- netic Recording Technologies by Inventing and Developing Metallic-Alloy-Powder-Coated Recording Tape and Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Technology, and also by Creating the Self-Consistent Magnetization Theory of Magnetic Recording Mechanism»
William Alexander Gambling[en]
Logo awards.jpg Пейн, Дэвид Нил
«For Pioneering Contributions and Leadership in the Research and Development of Optical Fibre Communications, resulting in the Invention of the Erbium-doped Optical Fibre Amplifier»
1994 Turing Plaque.jpg Кок, Джон «For Contributions to the Computer Industry by Creation of the Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) and Program Optimization Technology»
Премия Японии — 2014 Ясухару Суэмацу[en]
Takanori Okoshi[en]
«For Basic and Pioneering Contributions to the Progress of Optical Fiber Communication System Technologies»
1995 Akira Hasegawa[de] «For the Discovery of Soliton in Optical Fiber and the Pioneering Contribution made in Applications for Ultra High Speed Optical Fiber Communication»
Национальная научная медаль США — 1993 National Medal of Technology and Innovation.jpg Чо, Альфред «For Seminal Contributions to Molecular Beam Epitaxy, a Technology which is Revolutionizing High Performance Optoelectronics and Electronics for Computers and Communications»
1996 National Medal of Technology and Innovation.jpg Бэран, Пол
Turing Plaque.jpg Серф, Винтон
Премия Японии — 2002 Бернерс-Ли, Тим
«For Seminal Architectual Contributions to the ARPANET, INTERNET, WORLD WIDE WEB and the Unique Access to/and Distribution of Information they have brought to the World»
Donald Pederson[en]
Ernest S. Kuh[zh]
Ronald A. Rohrer[de]
«For Pioneering Contributions to the Establishment of Innovative Computer-aided Design Tools for Large-scale Electronic Integrated Circuits»
1997 JohnWHowellEdisonMedal1924.jpg John L. Moll[en] «For Contributions to the Physics of Semiconductor Devices»
Barry G. Haskel
National Medal of Technology and Innovation.jpg Arun Netravali[en]
«For Pioneering Work in Digital Video Data Compression Technology»
1998 Turing Plaque.jpg Корбато, Фернандо Хосе «For Pioneering Contributions to the Establishment of the Basic Concepts of Modern Operating Systems through the Development of the Seminal General Purpose Time-sharing Systems: the CTSS and Multics»
Нобелевская премия по физике — 2014 Акасаки, Исаму
Нобелевская премия по физике — 2014 Накамура, Сюдзи
«For Basic and Pioneering Contributions to the Development of High Brightness and Long Lifetime Blue-Light-Emitting Devices Using Gallium Nitride-based Compound Semiconductors»
1999 Премия Японии — 2005 Макото Нагао[en] «For Pioneering Contributions to the Development of Natural Language Machine Translation and Intelligent Image Processing»
Нобелевская премия по физике — 2009 Бойл, Уиллард
Нобелевская премия по физике — 2009 Смит, Джордж Элвуд
«For the Invention of the Charge-Coupled Device (CCD)»
2000 Такео Канаде[en] «For Fundamental and Broad Contributions to the Development of Multimedia through the Advancement of Robtics and Computer Vision»
Robert W. Dutton «For Pioneering Contributions to the Introduction of Practical Computer Simulation into the Manufacturing Process for Semiconductor Devices»
2001 Takuo Sugano[ja] «For Fundamental and Pioneering Contributions to the Development of Highly Integrated, High-Speed Solid-State Electronics»
Turing Plaque.jpg Премия Киото Кэй, Алан Кёртис «For Pioneering Contributions to C&C Technology and Its Socio-Cultural Promotion through the Creation of the Concept of Personal Computing with a High-Level GUI and the Invention of Object-Oriented Language, as well as Continuing Devotion to Computer Education for Children»
2002 Умесао, Тадао[en] «For Pioneering Leadership in Developing the Information Society by Clarifying the Historical Significance of Progress toward This Society and by Clarifying the Industrial Value of Information via Prominent Research Practices»
Turing Plaque.jpg Дейкстра, Эдсгер Вибе «For Pioneering Contributions to the Establishment of the Scientific Basis for Computer Software through Creative Research in Basic Software Theory, Programming Methodology, Structured Programming, and Semaphores»
2003 Shun'ichi Amari[en] «For Pioneering Leadership in Research on Neurocomputing and Mathematical Neuroscience»
National Medal of Technology and Innovation.jpg Мур, Гордон «For Outstanding Leadership in Moving the Integrated Circuit Industry forward by Presenting the Guidelines for the Technical Innovation Known as Moore’s Law»
2004 Дзэнъити Киясу[ja] «For pioneering contributions to the information communication industry by leading research and authoring textbooks on basic theories for electronic circuitry, computers, and communications and by developing various systems such as those for PCM communications, error correction coding, computers, and electronic switching»
Хеннесси, Джон Лерой
Паттерсон, Дэвид
«For contributions to the advancement of computer science, engineering, and industry through inspiring textbooks, research, and professional services for computer architecture»
2005 Kei-ichi Enoki
Takeshi Natsuno[ja]
Mari Matsunaga[ja]
«For Creating the i-mode System, Which Dramatically Expanded Mobile Phone Services, and for Developing These Services into a Business Model That Has Been Implemented around the World»
Turing Plaque.jpg Кан, Роберт Эллиот
Prince of Asturias Foundation Emblem.svg Робертс, Лоуренс
Национальная научная медаль США — 2007 Клейнрок, Леонард
«For Contributions to Establishing the Foundation of Today's Internet Technology through the Concept of the Packet Switching, Which underlies the Backbone of Modern Telecommunications Networks, through the Invention of the Related TCP/IP Communications Protocols, and through the Design and Development of ARPANET and Other Early Computer Networks that were Part of the Initial Internet»
2006 Ken Sakamura[en] «For the Evolutions and Expansion of Computer Utilization by Creating TRON Based on the Concepts of Open Specification, Development and Use and by Raising it to the Level of the Real-Timw Embedded Operating System Essential for Ubiquitous Computing»
National Medal of Technology and Innovation.jpg Премия Киото Деннард, Роберт «For Fostering Today's IT Industry Prosperity by Developing the the Fundamental Structure of the One Transistor Memory Cell (DRAM) and by His Contributions to the Principles and Practical Applications of Scaling of MOS Transistor Integrated Circuits Essential for Computers and Digital Communication Networks»
2007 National Medal of Technology and Innovation.jpg Роберт Маурер[en]
John B. MacChesney[en]
Tatsuo Izawa
«For Pioneering Contriburions to Research and Development Resulting in Low-loss Optical Fiber»
Kenichi Iga[ja] «For the Invention of the Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laserand the Resultant Contributions to the Progress of Optoelectronics»
2008 Hideo Aiso[ja] «For contributions to the advancement and growth of the computer industry through research and development on computer systems, and for the development of new disciplinary areas in ICT, resulting in the progress of education and research methodologies»
Albert-László Barabási[en] «For stimulating innovative research on networks and discovering that the “scale-free” property is a common feature of various real-world complex networks»
2009 Fumitada Itakura[en] «For pioneering research and the development of highly efficient voice-coding technology with analysis-synthesis methods for speech»
Turing Plaque.jpg Ривест, Рональд Линн
Turing Plaque.jpg Шамир, Ади
Turing Plaque.jpg Адлеман, Леонард Макс
«For the invention of the RSA algorithm for public-key cryptography»
2010 Hiroyuki Sakaki[de]
Yasuhiko Arakawa[en]
«For Pioneering and Leading Contributions to the Research, Development, and Progress of Quantum Wire and Quantum Dot Semiconductor Devices»
Торвальдс, Линус «For the Creation of the Linux Kernel and the Promotion of Open-Source Operating System Development»
2011 Акира Ёсино «For Pioneering Contribution to the Development and Commercialization of the Lithium-Ion Battery»
IEEE Bell medal scan -front -NO COPYRIGHT APPLIES-.jpg Norman Abramson[en]
National Medal of Technology and Innovation.jpg Меткалф, Роберт
«For Outstanding Leadership Resulting in the Invention, Standardization, and Commercialization of Internet Packet Access, Beginning with ALOHANET and Then Ethernet»
2012 Osamu Yamada
Toru Kuroda
Masayuki Takada
«For outstanding leadership in the research and development of the ISDB-T digital terrestrial television broadcasting system»
Hisashi Kobayashi[en] «For pioneering and leading contributions both to the invention of high-density and highly reliable data recording technology and to the creation and development of a performance-evaluation methodology for computer and communication systems»
2013 Kazuro Kikuchi
Накадзава, Масатака
«For Pioneering and Leading Contributions to the Advancement of Coherent Optical Fiber Communications Systems»
Logo awards.jpg Вапник, Владимир Наумович «For Contributions to Establishing Statistical Learning Theory and for the Invention of High-Performance and Practical Learning Algorithms»
2014 Shigeo Tsujii[ja]
Hideki Imai[en]
«For Pioneering Research on Information Security and for Major Contributions to both Industry and Human-resources Development by Building Communities of Academics, Industrialists, and/or Government Officials»
Jan Uddenfeldt
National Medal of Technology and Innovation.jpg Джейкобс, Ирвин
Fumiyuki Adachi
«For Outstanding Leadership and Contributions Promoting the Development and Commercialization of Digital Mobile Communications Systems»
2015 Masaru Kitsuregawa[en] «For Outstanding Leadership and Pioneering Contributions to Leading the Research and Development of Advanced Information Technologies for the Era of Large-scale Digital Data»
Scott Shenker[en]
Nick McKeown[en]
Martin Casado[en]
«For Pioneering Research in Advancing Networking Technology and Outstanding Contributions Promoting the Development of Software-Defined Networking»
2016 Hideo Ohno[en] «For Pioneering Contributions to the Research and Development of Spintronics Technology»
Хинтон, Джеффри «For Outstanding Contributions to Neural network Research and the Pioneering Development of Innovative Deep-learning Technology»

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