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Amir[править | править вики-текст]

Mag.kg 21:49, 20 июля 2014 (UTC)

→ Macondo[править | править вики-текст]

Hi, I'm the owner of the global account User:Macondo (SUL info, proof of ownership) and I'm asking the usurpation of the local account User:Macondo for SUL. Thanks! --Macondo--2001:720:1014:F520:6840:BFA3:5144:63B5 17:47, 16 июля 2014 (UTC)

  • Hello! Ok, waiting for a week rubin16 05:09, 17 июля 2014 (UTC)

Dustin V. S. (alt)Master of Time[править | править вики-текст]

I don't speak Russian very well, but I had to come here from the English Wikipedia because the user Master of Time's main wiki is this one. The user apparently has only one edit on the Russian Wikipedia to his/here user page from what I can tell, so I have requested to usurp that user's name for my new alternate account which I will use for a few purposes, one of the most important being as a way of regaining control of my main account (Dustin V. S.) should it be compromised. If I can gain control of the user's name here, then I will be able to gain control of the global account. Dustin V. S. 16:57, 2 июля 2014 (UTC)

  • @Dustin V. S.: sorry for the late answer to your request. Could you please explain, why you need this account for usurpation? People usually request and usurpation when, for example, they already have this nickname in one of the projects and they want to finish their global SUL - that's why they request for accounts with the same username at other projects. Here we have a global account, there are no conflicts with any of already existing accounts and I see no reason to rename the user rubin16 05:08, 17 июля 2014 (UTC)
    • @Rubin16: I apologize for the late response; that is a user name which I just really liked and wanted to use for my alternate account in the first place. However, I noticed that an editor with only one edit had made a change to its user page, preventing me from directly acquiring the name. I decided to just create "Dustin V. S. (alt)" with the intention of requesting it to be renamed. I have waited to make any actual edits with that account until it is renamed. If I need to clarify, just ask me. Thank you. Dustin V. S. 22:22, 19 июля 2014 (UTC)
      • @Dustin V. S.: even if I rename account Master of Time here and will give it to you, the SUL will still be kept by the original owner of the account, so there will be conflict between his SUL and your local account. And we were told that developers are going to eliminate all such conflicts of accounts and give all conflicting accounts to the owners of the SUL. So, even if I fulfill your request, the account will be later returned back to the original owner. rubin16 05:05, 21 июля 2014 (UTC)